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    Tungsten Carbide

    What is tungsten?

    Tungsten is a light grey, long-lasting metal with the greatest melting point and tensile strength of any metal. Because pure tungsten is difficult to work with, tungsten rings are formed of tungsten carbide. Tungsten rings are quickly becoming the preferred choice for men for everyday occasions and even weddings.


    How strong is it?

    For decades, they retain their original gloss and luster. Only extremely hard materials, such as diamond, can destroy tungsten carbide. As a result, they are extremely durable and may be worn every day without fear of progressive wear and tear. However, because tungsten rings are brittle, care should be taken to prevent putting too much pressure on them.


    How is it made?

    Tungsten carbide is made by combining tungsten, carbon, and a binding agent to form a cement-like structure. The binder is usually nickel or cobalt, which acts as reinforcing components inside the tungsten and carbon structure generated by sintering. The key is that there are no additional trace metals in the alloy; tungsten and nickel/cobalt are the sole metals in the structure.

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